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St. Louis Parish - 2018 Lenten Project

2018 St. Louis Parish Lenten Outreach Project.

For our only 2018 Lenten Project, we will be collecting MONEY ONLY.

The money collected will help purchase many needed items for the Veterans.

We here at Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin are dedicated to giving a hand up to this nations heroes. We welcome all of you to join us in this effort to help our veterans return to a life they deserve.

No donation is too small, every penny helps get donated goods to the people that need them most. Together with your help we can make a difference.

While veterans reside at Veterans Village we will assist them in finding stable employment, have a counseling plan in affect for any ongoing treatment they may be in need of, a budget set up by a financial adviser, and we will help them secure their own stable permanent home. Through our other programs we will supply any home furnishings needed for their new home, they may also visit our food pantry on a weekly basis if needed, and also continue to work with them so they may never become homeless again.

Thank You.

Click here for a pdf flyer for our St. Louis Parish 2018 Lenten Project.

Introducing Rachel Kroes - our New Coordinator of Child Faith Formation

St. Louis is happy to welcome Rachel Kroes as the new Coordinator of Child Faith Formation. Rachel has taught Religious Education classes at St. Lucy's Parish in Racine and works as a Teacher Assistant for the Oak Creek-Franklin School District. Rachel and her husband have a dog and live in Racine. Welcome Rachel Kroes!!!

Synod Bulletin Newsletter - June 2017

At one time or another, you have probably heard the saying, “which comes first – the chicken or the egg?” You may have even used this adage when you were discussing something and weren’t sure where to begin or the process of how something got started.

In church circles, there are some people who have the “chicken and egg” discussion regarding stewardship and evangelization. One school of thought tells us that stewardship leads to evangelization. Another way of thinking emphasizes that evangelization must come before stewardship.

Click to read June newsletter.

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal is the annual fundraising campaign of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

The Appeal affords Catholics an opportunity to help support a broad range of ministries and programs which significantly benefit more than 500,000 people each year. As Disciples of Christ, and in communion with Him, we respond to the call of helping our brothers and sisters in His name. There is no better, more convenient way to participate in making lives better than through the Appeal.

St. Louis Parish Rose Window UPDATE

Here is a great picture taken by Distinctive Woodwork after they completed the Rose Window repair work. Thank you again for helping with this decision and for any contribution for the repairs.

St. Louis Parish Rose Window center after repairs were completed.

Synod Bulletin Newsletter - May 2016

By now many of you know my 3 priorities for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, but just in case, here they are again – Catholic Identity, Evangelization, and Stewardship.

Our fundamental identity is Catholic. It is the perfect and fullest expression of who we are. Evangelization is what we do. We proclaim the Good News of Jesus and his Church to a lost and wounded world. And Stewardship is how we do it. In thanksgiving and sacrifice, we place our God-given resources at the service of living as Catholic evangelists at home, work, and in society.

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Synod Bulletin Newsletter - Mar. 2016

Remember when you were a little kid, and company would come over? Mom and dad would always insist that you stop whatever you were doing, come downstairs, say hello, and visit for a little while. It was important to make the company feel welcome, to give them the best seat in the living room, to offer them something to eat or drink, and to spend time with them.

As your archbishop, I have the privilege of traveling to parishes across our archdiocese. It’s a joy to visit parishes, and to worship with different communities. I know I can always count on being warmly welcomed wherever I go. In turn, I want to be sure that every newcomer at your parish is welcomed as warmly as I am.

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Synod Bulletin Newsletter - Sept. 2015

It’s no secret that the Millennial generation (those born from 1984-2002) is a mystery to older generations.

Click to read Sept. newsletter.

Return to the Upper Room - First anniversary of the Archdiocesan Synod

Return to the Upper Room was held on June 14, 2015 to celebrate the first-year anniversary of the Archdiocesan Synod. This event included two new videos, a welcome by Bishop Hying and presentations by Archbishop Listecki and others regarding what has begun this past year and future plans for Synod implementation.

This video connecting us to Jesus’s Great Commission to the disciples and the new mission statement for the archdiocese: “Proclaim Christ and Make Disciples through the Sacramental Life of the Church.”

The powerful true life story of Joe Smith and Jackie Piano and how their conversion is related to the power of the Mass. Evangelization and the Sunday Mass is one of the five principal areas the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is focusing on related to the Synod priorities and living out the new archdiocesan mission statement.

Bishop Hying sends his greetings and wishes everyone well as we move forward in implementing the priorities of the Synod.

Synod Bulletin Newsletter - July 2015

The mission statement of the archdiocese reminds us of Christ’s mandate to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Click to read July newsletter.

St. Paul the Apostle Senior Luncheon Program - Getting Your Affairs in Order

Tuesday, May 19th @ 11:00 a.m. St. Paul the Apostle - 6400 Spring St, Racine, WI 53406 - Fr. Cox Hall

Are these questions always on your mind? Do I have the necessary legal documents in place? Will I be able to avoid probate? Should I preplan my own funeral? To get these questions and others answered, please plan to attend the May Senior Luncheon for an informative presentation given by Clayt Meier and his son, Gary, two successful Racine businessmen. They will share their wisdom about the things the matter most to us as we plan for our futures. Forms will be provided for subjects being discussed. Clayt has given similar presentations in the past at St. Paul, and very often we fill the chairs!

Mark your calendar, so you don’t miss this opportunity! The presentation will begin at 11:00 a.m. and is followed by a complimentary lunch.

For those who dare to have some fun, plan on staying after to play cards or games with fellow parishioners. Everyone is invited! Bring a friend!

Please RSVP to Colleen Kechter - 262-886-0530 or email

Archdiocese of Milwaukee's 2014 Synod Follow-up - Videos

Above is an overview of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's 2014 Synod: A New Pentecost. For a complete list of videos from the 2014 Synod click here.

Synod Declaration

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki revealed his vision for the direction of the Catholic Church in southeastern Wisconsin on Sunday, September 14, when he shared the Synodal Declaration with Catholics during the 8 a.m. Mass from the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukee.

The Declaration is based on the votes of hundreds of parish delegates who participated in the 2014 Archdiocesan Synod held this past June. It was the first Synod held in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in more than 25 years.

Click here to download the Synod Declaration

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